Multi-colored Recording Indicators – aka Improved Red Dots!

Perhaps one of the most common requests for improvement in the HDHomeRun app is for more transparency about the recording process. You want to be better prepared to know which episodes of a show will definitely record and which won’t. And if they aren’t going to record, why not?

Today, if you turn on Early Access in the Gear section of the app, we’ve taken the first step towards that transparency with multi-colored recording indicators. Those indicators tell a few critical things:

  • Red dot – This is the standard original indicator, and it means this episode is scheduled to record
  • Gray dot – This is a repeat of something already scheduled to record. It will not record unless the first recording fails for some reason
  • Green tick/check – The episode has already been recorded and will not be recorded again
  • Gray tick – This episode was recorded and deleted with the command not to record again
  • No dot/tick – No plan to record the episode. This will happen, for example, if you are recording only one team in a sport and aren’t recording all the other games, or if you have set your Recording Task to only record the current season of a show and there are re-runs from older seasons you haven’t recorded and don’t want to record

Needless to say, there are many benefits to this system. Now you’ll have a much better idea of exactly which episodes are scheduled for recording. You’ll know why some episodes are and are not being recorded. And you’ll have confirmation that the right channel is scheduled to record a show.

A Real World Example

For example, here’s a task to record every Drew Carey Show episode. In my area, the show airs on channel 26.5 and channel 31.4. By default, the show will be set to record on the lower numbered channel, which is 26.5:

However, I’d prefer it record on channel 31.4. So I visit and favorite all the subchannels in the 31 range, since many conflict with the channels on 26. I could also just favorite 31.4.

All channel 31 subchannels favorited.

Now, if we wait a second for that update to circulate through the system and go back to the recording task, the red dot will have switched!

Now you can see the red dot is on channel 31.4! In this image you can also see that I’ve already recorded Season 8 Episode 12, the Man in the Iron Chair. Handy info, for sure.

Thanks to the Community

In rolling out this new User Interface, we need to take a moment to thank our community on social media and in the forums. They have been true stars in providing constructive feedback and helping us prioritize upcoming features and updates. Thank you all so much! And to all of you reading this now, feel free to visit our forums any time if you run into problems or have suggestions for improvement. We take your feedback seriously. And if you like this improvement, please help us by leaving a positive review in the app store of your choice! We are on Google Play, the Amazon Appstore, the iOS Appstore, and the Microsoft Store.


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