HDHomeRun SCRIBE and SERVIO Pre-orders Start Now!

We are excited to announce pre-orders for the new HDHomeRun SCRIBE and HDHomeRun SERVIO.

The HDHomeRun SCRIBE is a one stop solution for DVR, providing 150+ hours (1TB) of storage in a single device that you plug straight in to your router and antenna.  

The HDHomeRun SERVIO is a simple plug and play DVR storage device that can turn your live TV experience with an HDHomeRun tuner into a full DVR experience, or it can triple the storage of your HDHomeRun SCRIBE!

Best of all, if you’ve ever dealt with the old cable box that only includes a single hard drive or only allows you to plug in a single drive into the one USB port, great news! Your HDHomeRun experience is infinitely expandable by adding more HDHomeRun SERVIO storage.

Right now you can add more tuners to your HDHomeRun TV experience by adding new CONNECT or EXTEND devices to your network. With the SERVIO, you’ll be able to add more storage just by plugging one in right next to your SCRIBE or other HDHomeRun. When that one is filled up, just get another, and plug it in right next to the first. Being limited to the number of USB ports on the back of your DVR box is officially a thing of the past!

Setup and FREE DVR Service!

If you are familiar with setting up an HDHomeRun device, the setup for a SCRIBE or SERVIO will be quick and easy.

Here’s the SERVIO set up process:

Plug it in, and enable from http://my.hdhomerun.com/.

That’s it.

Your existing HDHomeRun device or devices will see it and set everything else up for you. And to add the cherry on top, you’ll immediately get a full year of DVR service.

The SCRIBE process is the same after attaching your antenna. Same full year of DVR service for free.

Simple, Expandable Storage

Each SERVIO includes 2TB of storage, which is equal to about 300+ hours of 1080i HD recording. That’s the same as the full season of 10 to 20 shows.

For existing HDHomeRun DVR customers, the HDHomeRun SERVIO expands your existing PC, Mac, Android, or NAS storage for recordings.

A few quick facts about the HDHomeRun SCRIBE and SERVIO

  • HDHomeRun SCRIBE DUO: 2 ATSC tuners, 1TB storage
  • HDHomeRun SCRIBE QUATRO: 4 tuners, 1TB storage
  • HDHomeRun SERVIO: 2TB storage
  • All models support recording from other HDHomeRun tuners on the network
  • All models support playback to Windows 10, Mac, iOS, Android and Xbox One

How to Pre-Order

The 2-tuner HDHomeRun SCRIBE DUO is available for pre-order from Best Buy. The 4-tuner HDHomeRun SCRIBE QUATRO and the 2TB HDHomeRun SERVIO are available for pre-order direct from our shop.

Pre-Order the HDHomeRun SCRIBE DUO

Pre-Order the HDHomeRun SCRIBE QUATRO

Pre-Order the HDHomeRun SERVIO

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