HDHomeRun channel for Roku, now with DVR Playback!

We are excited to announce the next version of HDHomeRun for Roku, now with DVR playback support. This is still a beta product, but we’re excited enough about what we’ve been doing that we think it’s time to share.

New features with this release include:

  • DVR playback
  • Fast forward and rewind
  • Stop a recording you’re watching on one device and pick it up on another
  • Progress info: Episodes and movies that have been stopped midway will show a progress bar indicating where they stopped
  • Channel recall – if you hit the back-circle button, you’ll switch to the last channel you were watching
  • A new, updated theme that’s a bit easier to read
  • Episode info on playback and live TV by hitting the OK button


Some issues from the last release still apply. Cable is not officially supported (though it may work for some of you). Additionally you will need a device like a TV, soundbar, or AV receiver that can decode Dolby Digital to get sound. For sound troubleshooting, see our Roku guide.

To get the most out of this release, you WILL need to update your DVR/SCRIBE/SERVIO firmware to the latest beta firmware. You can find this on our Beta Download page.

Installation Instructions

To install, just do a search for the HDHomeRun channel in your Roku device. You may also find it online in the Channel Store.

HDHomeRun channel for Roku Screenshots




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