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Two Digital Tuners, Anywhere on Your Network

  • Watch TV from any computer on your network.
  • Record full 1080i broadcast resolution.
  • Watch, Pause, Record, & Rewind Live TV.
  • Schedule and record all your favorite TV shows.
  • Expand # of tuners with multiple HDHomeRun devices.

TV sources

  • DVB-T digital TV (antenna)
  • DVB-C (unencrypted digital cable TV) – QAM annex A/C

Works with popular DVR software:

  • Watch, Pause, Record, & Rewind Live TV.
  • Schedule future or season recordings.
  • Record all your favorite TV shows by name.
  • Integrated TV guide (provided by the DVR software).
  • Never miss your favorite show.

Seamless operation with multiple computers:

  • Run Windows Media Center on multiple computers sharing the pool of HDHomeRun tuners.
  • Tuners are automatically allocated between computers as needed.
  • Multiple HDHomeRun units can be used together to expand the number of tuners.
  • Tuner pooling works with Windows Media Center, SageTV, GBPVR, & MediaPortal..

Compatible With:


  • DVB-T (QAM64/16/QPSK)
  • DVB-C (unencrypted digital cable TV) – QAM annex A
  • 100baseTX high speed network
  • 1 year warranty
  • 2 tuners


  • Dual core recommended for HD playback
  • 1 GB RAM recommended
  • 1-4 GB per 1/2 hour of DTV recording
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