Love the best TV

Just add a CableCARD from your cable provider and watch your CableTV subscribed channels, including those protected DRM channels.

*conditional access. CableCARD™ needs renting from your cable provider and is not included with this product.

Family sized entertainment

6 tuners. 6 people watching at the same time on different devices, all at the same time, anywhere at home!
Especially with your favorite premium cable channels, so there’ll always be something someone wants to watch.

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You Bring the Screen, We’ll Bring the Content!

There’s an app for all your favorite media devices. And with the beautiful SliceView™ guide, it’s easy to find something to watch!

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DVR and Binge: Your Content, Forever!

Our DVR service. When you record content, it’s yours forever! With program posters, 14 days of program guide and 5.1 audio it takes you to the next level.

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Easy to set up. Ready to enjoy.

Technical specification


• 6 tuner
• QAM64/256 (Digital CableTV)
• 100 base TX high speed network
• 1 year warranty

Size and weight
• 97 x 97 x 19mm (w x d x h)
• 5oz (140g)

What you need

• Subscription to digital cable service
• CableCARD™ rented from your cable provider
• Coax cable
• Internet connection for program guide data
• Home router or Ethernet switch

Please note:
This product HDHR5-6CC is designed for use in the US and will only work in the US.