How the New HDHomeRun SCRIBE and HDHomeRun SERVIO Will Save You Money

Last week we introduced the new HDHomeRun SCRIBE and HDHomeRun SERVIO devices and introduced a few of their main features: recording time, free DVR Engine for a year, stackable, etc. And since then, we’ve gotten a ton of questions. This week, we’ll focus on questions about efficiency and cost saving.

The Cost Difference Between a SCRIBE/SERVIO and a NAS

The biggest questions we get about the hardware itself tends to be some variation of “What is the difference between these and a NAS?”

This is a great question. Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices are usually the most energy efficient way to store a bunch of things on a local network, great for HDHomeRun DVR storage.

Video Recording Drives

To answer the question, there are a few key differences. First, NAS boxes are typically designed with NAS drives in mind, which means they run 24/7, but are designed around short seeks, reads and writes. This is AWESOME for storing images and documents, and even pretty good for rapidly transferring video files, but it is not a system optimized for long video writes, like recording a 2 hour movie or football game off CBS.

For that kind of system, you want what are often described as “surveillance harddrives.” These drives are built from the ground up to record real-time video. They run 24/7, but tend to only sip energy.

For most people with NAS setups, we are not currently suggesting that they replace their NAS with SERVIO storage, because NAS hard drives really are quite excellent and should last a good long time, but we do have a suggestion for how a NAS and a SERVIO can work together.

Note: If you are running a NAS (or really anything else based around recording video) on drives not rated for 24/7 use, you may want to re-evaluate your setup. The regular laptop drives or USB drives you can get at Walmart typically are not rated for DVR duty, and are instead called 8/5 drives, rated for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. There are exceptions, but you really need to know what you’re doing if you go down that route. If you want to be safe, look for a 24/7 rated drive or just get a SERVIO.

It’s important to be careful when drive shopping. Or just get a SERVIO!

You Have a NAS: Energy Sipping Service

The ideal use of a SCRIBE or a SERVIO when you already have a NAS is as storage expansion to save on energy use. For example, let’s say you’re running a Synology DiskStation DS119j. Great NAS. We often highly recommend it. It draws 5w when in hibernation mode. Meanwhile, our SCRIBE draws 6w at peak usage and can drop down to 3w or less when nothing is happening.

In other words, our devices use about as much energy at max as a highly efficient NAS uses when hibernating. That means you can expand storage quickly, easily, and with minimal setup, all while using hardly any extra energy.

You Don’t Have a NAS: Cost Effective

If you do not have a NAS, whether you get one should depend on your needs, now that SERVIO is here. If you mainly want a way to store HDHomeRun recordings, a NAS no longer really makes sense. The Synology NAS mentioned above with 2TB of storage costs $25 more than a SERVIO. Far more cost effective to just get a SERVIO or SCRIBE.

In other words, get a NAS if you need to do NAS things. Get a SERVIO if you need DVR.

Summary of important differences

  • 24/7 drives designed specifically for long term video recording
  • Low energy, great energy savings
  • More cost-efficient than even the most inexpensive NAS devices

The Cost Difference Between a SCRIBE/SERVIO and a PC

This comparison is a no brainer in favor of the SCRIBE/SERVIO. All Macs and Windows PCs use more energy than either SCRIBE or SERVIO. And these days many people don’t have a computer at their home they leave running 24/7 in the first place. Further, even people who do have a desktop PC are now starting to dedicate those PCs to more specific purposes, like PC gaming, where having a background DVR Engine just sucks up RAM and frames.

No one wants to lose frames while real-time Ray Tracing!

The choice here is clear. With a simple tablet or an ultra-light laptop and a SERVIO, you’ll have complete control over your HDHomeRun DVR Storage in a way that used to take a full PC. It’s simply a better way to go.

How to Pre-Order

The 2-tuner HDHomeRun SCRIBE DUO is available for pre-order from Best Buy. The 4-tuner HDHomeRun SCRIBE QUATRO and the 2TB HDHomeRun SERVIO are available for pre-order direct from our shop.

Pre-Order the HDHomeRun SCRIBE DUO

Pre-Order the HDHomeRun SCRIBE QUATRO

Pre-Order the HDHomeRun SERVIO

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