Trouble Ticket

Please ensure that you have entered the correct email address when submitting a new trouble ticket. We are unable to respond to trouble tickets that do not include an email address, or that receive undeliverable responses because you typed your email address wrong. If your ticket shows that it is closed and you have not received any response (and have not received another response from us via the forums/IRC channel/another ticket), then you probably didn’t enter your email address correctly. Submit a new ticket with the correct address.

You may also open a trouble ticket by emailing However, we recommend use of the web form whenever possible.

Please note that our ticketing system will always respond to all newly-created tickets with an automatically-generated email to notify you that a ticket was created. If you have any spam filtering in place, please add to your address book or allowed list.

If you have filed a trouble ticket and have not receive an email response please check your email spam/junk folder.

To update an existing ticket, please reply to the email sent by the ticket system. You can view your ticket by clicking on the link in the email, or by entering the ticket number on the Check the status page.