Firmware Changelog

Release 20221031:

  • HDFX/HDVR/HHDD models: Fix problem where device could self-reboot while verifying the filesystem on the hard drive.
  • HDHR5/HDFX/HDVR/HHDD models: Improvements to diagnostic logging.
  • CableCARD models: Disable background channel scan when a tuning adapter is present.
  • Fix problem where HTTP response was not sent in reply to some POST control commands.

Release 20221023:

  • HDHR5/HDFX/HDVR/HHDD models: IPv6 support.
  • HDHR5/HDFX/HDVR/HHDD models: Improvements to automatic reboot handling required for EU certification.
  • HDFX/HDVR/HHDD models: Optimized handling of a new DVR request for the same channel from the same client.
  • HDFX/HDVR/HHDD models: Fix problem where duplicates could start recording at startup while existing recordings are still being detected.
  • ATSC3 models: Fix problem handling ATSC 3.0 stations missing media content type tag.
  • ATSC3 models: Fix problem handling ATSC 3.0 stations where the sample duration was not specified.
  • HDFX models: Use the first 17.6TB of the hard drive rather than failing to configure a hard drive 18TB or larger.
  • HDVR models: Operate as a tuner only if the hard drive is removed or not functioning.
  • HDTC: Fix reporting of codec tag in http response when transcoding.
  • Add lineup.m3u for use with VLC and other apps that import m3u channel lists.
  • Fix parsing of URLs without URI after the IP address.
  • Improvements to URL generation so the URLs are valid from .local names or if port forwarding across private subnets.
  • Don’t limit TTL for discover, control, or webpage access on private networks.
  • Upgraded discover support.
  • Security: Improved IP validation.
  • Legacy models: Update lineup URL.
  • Legacy models: Security: Limit TTL for non-private networks.

Release 20220822:

  • CableCARD models: Support for Vecima Tuning Adapters used to support CableCARD on high-split cable systems.
  • ATSC3 models: Support operation when codepoint is not specified in S-TSID data.
  • ATSC3 models: Fix problem parsing some multi-part broadcast data.
  • DVR models: Fix problem transitioning to a new live TV file after transitioning once.
  • DVR models: Report bps for completed recordings in addition to in-progress recordings.
  • DVR models: Remove old Roku-specific playback mode that is no longer used by the Roku app.
  • DVR models: Return “416 Requested Range Not Satisfiable” for playback requests where the range is malformed or invalid.
  • Security: TCP keepalive probe after 60 seconds for inactive connections.
  • Security: Improve DNS request-response validation to prevent injection attacks.
  • Security: Limit TTL for control requests.

Release 20220203:

  • Fix problem causing channels not to work until a new channel scan was preformed after upgrading from 2020 and older firmware.

Release 20220128:

  • HDVR/HDFX models: Use https for image URLs.

Release 20220125:

  • 4K models: Fix problem where first PMT may not contain all audio tracks which can result in the client choosing the wrong audio track.
  • 4K models: Fix problem where audio language was not reported when present in the manifest but not present in the DASH MP4 data which can result in the client choosing the wrong audio track.
  • 4K models: Support gzip encoding and more content types for file bundles referenced in the FDT.
  • 4K models: Support MP4 init data where the sidx timescale is different to the mdhd timescale.
  • 4K models: Improvements to MMTP handling.
  • TECH models: Add optional support for HDHomeRun apps with TV guide.
  • Upgrade TLS root certificates.

Release 20210624:

  • 4K models: Fix problem detecting PLPs when certain advanced features are present.
  • 4K models: Fix bug that could cause tuners to stop tuning channels.
  • 4K models: Report BSID in plpinfo if sent by broadcaster.
  • ATSC models: Detect and track source id in channel scan.
  • HDFX-4K: Prioritize tuning ATSC 1.0 channels on the ATSC 1.0 tuners.
  • HDFX-4K: Add support for DEV variant.
  • Improvements to H264 and HEVC video resolution detection.
  • Improvements to multicast/IGMP handling for UPnP and MDNS.

Release 20210422:

  • HDFX models: New model production firmware release.
  • HDVR/HHDD models: Performance optimization playing back recordings.
  • HDVR/HHDD models: Adjustments to http streaming to improve receive-side efficency.
  • Legacy models: Use https for cloud assisted lineup URL.
  • Upgrade TLS root certificates.

Release 20210227:

  • HDVR/HHDD models: Playback performance improvement.

Release 20210224:

  • HDVR/HHDD models: Multi-stream performance improvement.

Release 20210210/20210210a:

  • HDHR5-4K: Rollup of ATSC 3.0 improvements and fixes.
  • HDHR5-4K: Shift ATSC 3.0 channels to 100+ range to avoid conflict with ATSC 1.0 channels.
  • US models: Faster OTA channel scan.
  • CC models: Faster channel scan on cable systems with SDV (with or without tuning resolver connected).
  • HDVR/HHDD models: Performance and memory optimization storing recordings to disk.
  • All models: improvements to diagnostic logging.

Release 20200907:

  • HDHR3-CC: workaround headend problem seen on Altice/Optimum plant in Long Island causing periodic picture breakup.
  • HDHR5-2US/4US: fix problem reporting correct signal level on some units.
  • HDHR5-2DT/4DT: add DVB-C support.
  • HDVR/HHDD models: add support for WDC drives.
  • All models: support discovery via multicast.
  • All models: report network rate in status.json.
  • All models: improvements to LED indicators.

Release 20200521:

  • DVBT/ISDBT models: backwards compatibility for old modualtion strings.
  • HDVR/HHDD models: recorded_files defaults to returning the root / top-level-recorded list.
  • All models: support for multiple sub-channels sharing the same video pid.
  • All models: require UPnP GENA event URL IP address match the IP address requesting the subscription.
  • All models: add MDNS support for xxxxxxxx.local where xxxxxxxx is the device id.

Release 20200225:

  • Add MDNS support for hdhomerun.local and hdhr-xxxxxxxx.local (where xxxxxxxx is the device id). Open a web browser and enter http://hdhomerun.local/ to bring up the device webpage.
  • Remember user favorite/disable channel selection even if a channel goes away or a new scan is requested.
  • Detect HD HEVC channels and indicate HEVC channels on the channel lineup webpage.
  • DeviceAuth changed to not require escaping when passed as a URL parameter.
  • Update to latest HTTPS/TLS root certs.
  • Remove unused PnPX announcements.
  • Improvements to diagnostic logging.
  • SCRIBE/SERVIO: Add download links to recorded files webpage.
  • SCRIBE/SERVIO: Fix problem where new recordings may not show after deleting a recording.
  • HDHR5/SCRIBE/SERVIO: Fix problem where Ethernet link speed was incorrectly reported for non-100f speeds.
  • DT/IS models: Clean up modulation reporting.
  • HDHR3-CC: Include virtual channel number and name in tuner status json.
  • HDHR3-CC: Fix problem where channel could self enable after being disabled by the user.
  • LEGACY models: Fix sequence number generation when generating PAT tables.
  • LEGACY models: DeviceAuth changed to not require escaping when passed as a URL parameter.

Release 20190621:

  • SCRIBE production release firmware.
  • SERVIO production release firmware.
  • HDTC-2US/HDHR5-2US/HDHR5-4US: Demodulator firmware update.
  • ALL: Fix handling of HTTP/UPnP requests that immediately disconnect without waiting for a response.
  • ALL: Enforce use of HTTP-POST for operations that change configuration.

Release 20190417:

  • HDTC-2US/HDHR5-2US/HDHR5-4US: Demodulator firmware update – fixes reception problems for WTVD.
  • HDHR3-CC: Fix problem where disabled channels could self re-enable when the background scan ran if the channel disappeared from the lineup and later reappeared.
  • HDTC-2US: Drop unused gateway UPnP probe/control support.
  • ALL: Add X-HDHomeRun-Resource header to video HTTP response to indicate the tuner number.
  • ALL: Add /status.json to report tuner status in a machine readable format.

Release 20180817:

  • HDHR4-2US/HDTC-2US/HDHR5-2US/HDHR5-4US: HDHomeRun Premium TV support (new feature).
  • HDHR5-2DT/HDHR5-4DT: Fix issue preventing device from entering power save state.
  • HDHR3-4DC/HDHR5-4DC: Support user-selection of network ID when multiple lineups are detected.
  • HDHR3-CC: Improvements to EAS handling.
  • HDHR3-CC: Improvements to DRI Security status reporting.
  • HDHR3-CC: Common DTCP-IP port across tuners.
  • ALL: Add option to device webpage to send diagnostic information.
  • ALL: Report current virtual channel information on device webpage and via libhdhomerun.
  • ALL: Fix incorrect 503 error when requesting impossibly large range start.
  • ALL: Improvements to channel scan handling.
  • ALL: Improvements to diagnostic logging.

Release 20180327:

  • HDTC-2US: Low level demodulator firmware update.
  • HDHR5-2US/4US: Low level demodulator firmware update.
  • HDHR5-2DT/4DT: Fix problem where tuner may fail to tune after entering power save mode.
  • Fix problem handling fragmented HTTP headers.

Release 20171208:

  • HDTC-2US: Fix problem where channels may fail to tune.
  • HDHR5-2US/4US: Fix problem where channels may fail to tune.

Release 20170930:

  • Detect transport errors in padding frames.
  • Improvements to IGMP handling.
  • HDHR5 models: Official release firmware.
  • HDTC models: Add IGMPv3 support so UPnP works with enterprise-class network switches.
  • CC/DC models: Upgrade IGMP support from v2 to v3.

Release 20170815:

  • Update to work with new Silicondust guide servers.
  • Support broadcasts where multiple PMTs are on the same PID with intermixed sequence numbers.
  • Support broadcasts where one video ES is shared by multiple programs.
  • Increase the amount of video data that can be buffered.
  • Improvements to XML processing.
  • Improvements to system logging and diagnostic logging.
  • Add support for upgrading the firmware via the device webpage.
  • Add X-HDHomeRun-Error HTTP header to provide additional information when a stream request is rejected.
  • Drop RUI support until a TV with RUI support is available.
  • CC/DC models: Fix problem where Ethernet could stall and stop receiving packets.
  • HDHR4 models: Support SSDP multicast test.
  • Legacy models: Update to work with new Silicondust guide servers.

Release 20161119 (HDTC-2US):

  • HDTC-2US: Fix problem where unit could reboot or stop responding.

Release 20161117:

  • CC/DC models: Fix problem where video could corrupt under heavy network conditions.
  • Update guide server URL.

Release 20161107/20161107b:

  • Detect h.265 video channels.
  • Detect resolution of h.264 channels.
  • Improvements to compatibility with non-compliant DLNA clients.
  • Prioritize higher resolution channels when a virtual channel number conflict is detected.
  • Report audio and video codec types.
  • Report ONID and TSID in lineup json when tuning information is requested.
  • Report tuner count in discover json.
  • Set IP type-of-service (TOS) to indicate video.
  • Log when a lockkey is forced.
  • Support using a secondary DNS server delivered via DHCP.
  • Fix problem where a weak channel that was disabled could come back enabled at a later time.
  • CC models: Fix problem where card firmware error message was not displayed.
  • CC/DC models: Fix problem where video did not resume streaming after TCP stall.
  • DT/DC models: Fix possible false-positive detection of MPEG2 video.
  • DC models: Fix problem where channel scan may miss some cable TV channels in Taiwan.
  • HDTC models: Fix problem handling Ethernet packets with 802.1p QoS header present (VLAN=0).
  • HDHR4-2DT: Fix problem causing reduced T2 reception performance and channels to be missed in the channel scan.
  • HDHR4-2DT: Improve SNQ scaling.
  • Remove deprecated binary format of DeviceAuth from discover response.
  • Remove deprecated channel list format.
  • Remove sequence tracking.
  • Improvements for DVR live TV support.
  • Improvements to diagnostic logging.
  • Legacy models: Add support for DeviceAuth and discover.json APIs required for live TV in the latest HDHomeRun VIEW apps.

Release 20150826:

  • Fix problem causing guide to stop working for some customers.
  • Auto-detect HD channels during channel detection to improve favoring recording HD channels (requires channel scan to update).
  • Support disabling channels from the device Channel Lineup webpage.
  • Return DeviceAuth in discovery response.
  • Improvements to diagnostic logging.
  • CC models: Improve channel-to-guide matching when a tuning resolver is present (requires channel scan to update).
  • HDHR4 models: Fix problem where Ethernet link may intermittently drop.
  • HDHR4 models: Fix AGC problem causing poor reception in some environments.

Release 20150615:

  • CC models: Improvements to channel scan with a tuning resolver present.
  • CC models: Fix problem causing device to temporarily stop authorizing channels.
  • CC/DC models: Fix problem causing device to temporarily stop responding.
  • DC/HDHR4-2DT models: Fix problem causing some channels to be missed in the channel scan.
  • HDHR4/TC/CC/DC models: Improvements to diagnostic logging.

Release 20150604:

  • HDHR4/TC/CC/DC models: Add channel logos to DLNA media server.
  • HDHR4/TC/CC/DC models: Improve compatibility with proxies that don’t fully support HTTP/1.1.
  • HDHR4/TC/CC/DC models: Concise DLNA friendly name to improve identification on some clients.
  • HDHR4/TC/CC/DC models: Fix handling of backslashes in channel names.
  • HDHR4/TC/CC/DC models: Improvements to buffering for HDHomeRun VIEW and DLNA clients.
  • HDHR4/TC/CC/DC models: Improvements to diagnostic logging.
  • DT/EU models: Report original network ID in streaminfo.

Release 20150406:

  • HDHR4/TC/CC/DC models: Support Kodi add-on.
  • HDHR4/TC/CC/DC models: Fix problem where UPnP channel list or guide data could be truncated in some situations.
  • HDHR4/TC/CC/DC models: Improvements to diagnostic logging.
  • HDHR3-US/DT/EU models: Fix reboot when DNS returns multiple IP addresses.
  • CC models: Eliminate CGMS-triggered DRM. Please run a channel scan on the device or through HDHomeRun Setup after upgrading.
  • DC models: Improvements to repairing streams from YouSee cable.
  • TC models: Improvements to power management.

Release 20141124:

  • HDHR4/TC/CC/DC models: Add DLNA RUI support.
  • HDHR4/TC/CC/DC models: Add support for tuning by physical channel when using HTTP.
  • HDHR4/TC/CC/DC models: Improvements to channel scan and channel detection.
  • HDHR4/TC/CC/DC models: Improvements to diagnostic logging.
  • HDHR4/TC/CC/DC models: Improvements for supporting HDHomeRun VIEW apps.
  • HDHR4/TC/CC/DC models: Fix handling of channels with PCR on alternative PID.
  • HDHR3-US/DT/EU models: Channel map automatically applied to both tuners.
  • TC models: Change internet720 profile to internet540.
  • TC models: Transcoding improvements.
  • TC models: Fix phantom program reporting when using hdhomerun_config channel scan.
  • CC models: Support 3 tuner operation with Conax cards.
  • CC models: Work around bug in MTR700 tuning adapter firmware older than 1.40.
  • DC models: Fix possible crash and reboot on some cable systems.
  • DC models: Fix possible Chinese character miss-trigger on some cable systems.

Release 20140604:

  • TC models: Support transcoded recording in Windows Media Center (Windows 7/8).
  • TC models: Support transcoded recording in EyeTV (Mac).
  • TC models: Support transcoded recording in MythTV (Linux).
  • TC models: Support transcoding across source-stream resolution change.
  • TC models: Fix problem which could cause unit to stop responding or corrupt video.
  • TC models: Fix audio playback on Windows 8 Windows Media Center and PlayStation 3.
  • TC models: Fix problem causing sequence errors in transcoded video.
  • TC models: Fix data loss problem when streaming to DVR software over a HomePlug link.
  • TC models: Fix audio track selection where DVS tracks could be picked by mistake.
  • TC models: Fix transcode of ION TV station.
  • TC models: Fix PnPX identification.
  • TC models: Transcode improvements.
  • TC models: Thermal/fan control improvements.
  • HDHR4/TC models: Fix problem where data from a previous channel could be streamed to a new connection.
  • HDHR4/TC/CC/DC models: Improvements to channel scan support.
  • HDHR4/TC/CC/DC models: Sync channel scan results with Silicondust guide server for use with delivering guide data.
  • HDHR4/TC/CC/DC models: Return URL for each channel in lineup.json/lineup.xml.
  • HDHR4/TC/CC/DC models: Replace “Tags” field in lineup.json/lineup.xml with dedicated tags.
  • HDHR4/TC/CC/DC models: Signal DLNA content change when favorites list or configuration changes.
  • EU/DC models: DVB-C fixup feature for use with Windows Media Center and YouSee Cable.
  • HDHR3-4DC: Fix reporting of detected channel count during channel scan.
  • HDHR4-2US: Fix auto-detection of ClearQAM QAM64 channels.
  • All models: Improvements to diagnostic logging.

Release 20140121:

  • TC models: Add user-selection of advertised DLNA formats.
  • TC models: Add user-selection of preferred audio language.
  • TC models: Improvements to PMT generation for transcoded content.
  • CC models: Workaround issues seen with CableVision NDS cards.
  • CC models: Fix problem displaying non-ASCII characters in channel names of Channel Lineup page.
  • CC models: Prevent flooding the card or tuning adapter with webpage requests.
  • CC models: Improvements to RTSP type reporting.
  • CC models: Fix device reboot triggered by old versions of MythTV.
  • CC models: Ethernet driver improvement (fixes problems seen on some complex networks).
  • DLNA models: Favorite channel support for DLNA clients.
  • DLNA models: Report DATE in UPnP responses.
  • DLNA models: Improvements to http streaming.
  • CC/DC models: Device webpage improvements.
  • CC/DC models: Channelmap configuration common to all tuners.
  • DC/EU models: Add support for BIG5 character encoding on cable TV in Taiwan.
  • DC models: Improvements to DVB-C channel detection
  • DC models: Add DVB-C QAM128 support
  • DT models: Workaround incorrect snq reporting in some situations in Australia.
  • All models: Improvements to DHCP router compatibility.
  • All models: Improvements to channel information processing.
  • All models: Improvements to diagnostic logging.

Release 20130328:

  • CC models: New DLNA DMS feature – stream live TV to DLNA certified clients.
  • CC models: New DTCP-IP support – stream protected channels to DTCP-IP certified DLNA clients.
  • CC models: Improvements to HTTP streaming support.
  • CC models: Improvements to RTSP support to improve compatibility with other RTSP clients.
  • CC models: Avoid situation known to cause the Windows Media Center Receiver service (ehRecvr) to crash.
  • CC models: Fix problem where channel detection could miss SDV channels on some cable systems.
  • CC models: Fix problem where channel detection could miss channels when scanning without a CableCARD.
  • CC models: Fix resource error seen on some cable systems.
  • EU/DT models: Fix problem handling channel names containing ISO8859 extended characters.
  • HDHR3-US model: Upgrade demodulator microcode.
  • TECH models: Fix problem configuring for DHCP after a static IP had been configured.
  • All models: Improvements to TCP window scaling support.
  • All models: Improvements to DHCP and DNS support.
  • All models: Fix issue causing video glitching on some channels when used with MythTV 0.25 and later.

Release 20130117:

  • All models: Support TCP window scaling.
  • All models: Improvements to AutoIP handling.
  • All models: Improvements to channel name handling.
  • All models: Use strict w3c doctype for html files.
  • All models: Fix problem where unit failed to respond to IGMP membership queries.
  • All models: Deprecate set program on current frequency by virtual channel number feature.
  • CC models: Fix OOB failing to lock issue when adjacent to a high power NTSC test channel.
  • CC models: Fix rare resource error.
  • CC models: Fix rare ccio_serial_asm error.
  • CC models: Improvements to support Conax Evolution cards.
  • CC models: Improvements to Tuning Resolver support.
  • CC models: Improvements to UPnP support.
  • CC models: Improvements to channel table management.
  • CC models: Improvements to high speed buffer management.
  • CC models: Improvements to HTTP header parsing – fixes trap error seen with specific oddly formed requests.
  • CC models: Workaround some common issues found in Cisco-NDS cards.
  • CC models: Only show Tuning Resolver “alternative channel has been tuned” message if an alternative channel has been tuned.
  • CC models: Add channel scan support for detecting subscribed channels.
  • CC models: Add support for reporting subscribed channels in HTML, XML, and JSON formats.
  • CC models: Add support for HTTP streaming video within the home.

Release 20120405:

  • All models: Fix problem where sub-channels may not be reported or may fail to play in rare circumstances.
  • US models: Add channel map for cable TV in Korea.
  • DT models: Fix possible signal miss-reporting under some conditions.
  • DT models: Upgrade the tuner/demod driver.
  • CC models: Authorize authentication with CableCARD running old firmware.
  • CC models: Add channel map for cable TV in Korea.
  • CC models: Improvements to better handle TCP packet loss.
  • CC models: Improvements to UPnP support.
  • CC models: Improvements to diagnostic logging.
  • TECH models: Add support for maintaining list of channels and tuning by channel.
  • TECH models: Add support for returning the channel list to the client (lineup.xml).
  • TECH models: Add target option to disable sending SAP announcements.
  • TECH models: Add virtual channel number to SAP channel title.
  • TECH models: Set SAP announcement TTL to match the TTL of the video stream.

Release 20120128:

  • CC models: Update PnPX tags for device discovery under Windows.
  • CC models: Improve handling of delayed connections causing ehRecvr to crash.
  • CC models: Automatically detect and log card errors and restart the card if needed.
  • CC models: Add network flow control support – improves compatibility with some switches and/or PCs.
  • CC models: Improvements to diagnostic support.
  • EU models: Fix bug in DVB-C support where third modulation type was not stored correctly.
  • US/EU/DT models: Update PnPX tags for device discovery under Windows.
  • TECH models: Add Multicast SAP support.
  • All models: Fix handling of ignored tables causing some channels not to detect or play in HDHomeRun applications.

Release 20111025:

  • CC models: Fix problem where copy-protection could be incorrectly applied to some channels when not required.
  • CC models: Rollup of HDHR3-CC firmware fixes and improvements.

Release 20110925a:

  • CC models: Rollup of HDHR3-CC firmware fixes and improvements.
  • DVB models: Add support for channel name character encoding seen in Ukraine and Portugal.
  • DVB models: Improvements to DVB-C handling to avoid duplicate channels with DVB-C channel scan.
  • ATSC/DVB models: Deprecate support for link layer topology discovery.
  • TECH models: Add datacast support.
  • All models: Update help text to report all supported vars.
  • All models: Improvements to lineup server support.

Release 20110830 (HDHR3-CC):

  • CC models: Rollup of HDHR3-CC firmware fixes and improvements.

Release 20110816b (HDHR3-CC):

  • CC models: Rollup of HDHR3-CC firmware fixes and improvements.

Release 20110810 (HDHR3-CC):

  • CC models: Rollup of HDHR3-CC firmware fixes and improvements.

Release 20110729:

  • EU/DT models: Improvements to NIT/SDT channel information processing.
  • EU/DT models: Process “other network” NIT information.
  • TECH models: Fix problem where no_clear flag was not cleared by subsequent target commands.

Release 20110726 (HDHR3-CC):

  • HDHR3-CC: Production release.

Release 20110323:

  • HDHR3-US: Fix problem where channel scan may miss channels.
  • US models: Skip QAM256/64 modulation detection when tuning OTA.
  • US models: Skip 8VSB modulation detection when tuning cable TV.
  • EU/DT models: Update DVB-T channel maps.
  • EU models: Redefine AU/EU cable TV channel map based on MHz.
  • TECH models: Support multicast without a gateway route.
  • All models: Report error if frequency is out of range.
  • All models: Report tuner count in discovery reply.
  • All models: Report detected carrier frequency in debug information.
  • All models: Improvements to lineup server support.

Release 20100828:

  • HDHR-EU: Add decoding of type 0x10 channel names.
  • HDHR-EU: Add support for user-specified DVB-C symbol rates.
  • HDHR-EU: Fix video corruption seen in Denmark with DVB-C.
  • HDHR-US/EU: Improvements to lineup server channel detection.
  • HDHR-TECH-US: Increase SNR dB resolution.
  • HDHR-TECH-US: Add no_clear target option.
  • ALL: Upgrade demodulator firmware.
  • ALL: Use native PMT unless VCT rebuild requested.
  • ALL: Fix situation where Ethernet link may not re-establish correctly after computer resumes from sleep with some network cards.

Release 20100213:

  • HDHR-T1-US: Fix potential crash/reboot loop in HDHR-T1-US firmware (blue units).
  • HDHR-EU: Add a7qam256-6100 a7qam128-6100 a7qam64-6100 modulation support.
  • Report hardware model on the device website.

Release 20100121:

  • Add port number to URL in UPnP announcements.
  • HDHR-EU: Detect E-AC3 audio.
  • HDHR-EU: Update DVB-C auto-modulation handling to use user-configurable modulation list.
  • HDHR-EU: Add additional DVB-C modulation modes.
  • HDHR-EU: Fix problem with DVB-C QAM256 operation.

Release 20091024:

  • Improvements to signal strength reporting.
  • Improvements to handling of adjacent analog channels.
  • Cache known modulation to speed up auto modulation detection.
  • HDHR-EU: Add Brazil DVB-C modes.
  • HDHR-EU: Fix DVB-C QAM64 corruption issue.

Release 20090830:

  • Fix reception performance regression.

Release 20090806:

  • Report TSID in streaminfo for use with channel matching.
  • Speed up detection of audio channels with single-frame picture – fixes problem where audio channels may be missed by the channel scan.
  • Improvements to the handling of strong adjacent channels.
  • Improvements to signal reporting.
  • Fix lockup/reboot when under TCP DoS attack.
  • Fix situation where firmware may not upgrade on the first attempt. Fix applies to future upgrades.
  • Add PnPX support.
  • ATSC: Handle ClearQAM streams that contain invalid tables from rebroadcasting OTA channels.
  • TECH: execute /sys/boot on link up rather than power up.
  • TECH: prevent timing-out of tune requests.

Release 20090415:

  • Fix situation where device could stop responding until power cycled.
  • Report PAT CRC in streaminfo for use with channel matching.
  • Improvements to lineup server support.

Release 20090411:

  • Add support for spectral inversion for digital cable channels (used by some cable companies for QAM64 channels).
  • ATSC: Fix reporting of one-part virtual channel numbers sent by some US cable companies.
  • DVBT: Detect DVB-T virtual channel numbers.
  • DVBT: Add support for a8qam64-6952 and a8qam64-6887 modulation (UK digital cable).
  • DVBT: Fix problem where AC3 audio may not work when filtering by program (fixes no audio in VLC problem for HD channels in Australia).
  • DVBT: Fix problem where channel scan may report SS/SNQ numbers before they are valid.
  • DVBT: Improvements to AGC handling (improves signal quality).
  • Improvements to lineup server support.

Release 20090305a:

  • DVBT: Add support for Chinese BIG5 channel names for use in Taiwan.
  • DVBT: Fix problem with reported signal-to-noise numbers for DVB-T channels.
  • ATSC: Fix reported CRC error on some cable systems that send DTA tables without a CRC. Problem did not affect operation.
  • Fix problem where a small amount of data from the previous channel may be sent after a channel change. This data was automatically rejected by the PC and did not affect operation.
  • Fix possible data loss when streaming unfiltered QAM256 while probing UPnP.
  • Fix possible resource exhaustion situation when there is high packet loss communicating with the lineup server.
  • Improvements to lineup server support.

Release 20090215:

  • Detect MPEG1, MPEG2, DTS, and LPCM audio streams.
  • Timeout resource lock after 30 seconds of inactivity.
  • Stop flashing link LED in AutoIP mode once there has been successful communication.
  • Fix problem where a program could be reported as encrypted if it contained multiple audio channels, one of which was encrypted.
  • Improve signal strength reporting.
  • Improvements to lineup communication.
  • Display model string on webpage.
  • DVBT: Fix detection of AC3 audio in Australia.
  • TECH: Initial firmware release.

Release 20081231:

  • Fix problem in lineup server channel detection.

Release 20081223:

  • Fix problem where SS could be reported incorrectly on some devices.

Release 20081222:

  • Improvements to SS reporting.
  • Improvements to lineup server support.
  • Support channel names containing extended iso8859 characters (DVBT).
  • Fix bug in SNQ calculation where numbers were reported incorrectly.

Release 20081209:

  • Add tuner resource lock to allow tuner to be locked for exclusive use.
    – Flash tuner LED when tuner resource is locked for exclusive use.
    – Auto release resource lock after 5 minutes of inactivity.
  • Add support for channel names using Unicode character sets.
  • Channelmap improvements:
    • Deprecate “default” channelmap.
    • Tuning by channel number always uses the channelmap set.
    • Channelmap configuration is stored and preserved across a power cycle.
    • Auto modulation detection optimized based on channelmap selection (speeds up channel lock on digital cable).
  • Add /sys/features option to display support channelmaps and modulation modes.
  • Fix DHCP compatibility issue with some routers.
  • Fix slow resource release that could cause problems with heavy command line scripting.
  • Improvements to lineup server support.
  • DVBT initial production release.

Release 20081002:

  • Improve ATSC channel auto-detection:
    • Fixes missed channels in OTA channel scan.
    • Fixes intermittent zero-signal display in WMC signal strength scan (OTA).
    • Fixes intermittent long time to tune to a channel (OTA).
  • Fix multicast handling when used without a gateway configured.
  • Support DHCP servers/relays that use a subnet broadcast address.
  • Improvements to lineup handling.

Release 20080723:

  • Pad and push TS frame if oldest data is sitting for 10ms (improves channel change time when PID filter is used).
  • Detect channel names from PMT if present.
  • Improvements to auto-modulation detection.
  • Add support for non-volatile IR target.
  • Add Ethernet link speed reporting to /sys/debug

Release 20080427:

  • Speed up lock when auto-detecting modulation.
  • Detect MPEG4/H.264 video streams.
  • Add native AutoIP support.
  • Add IR receiver self-test.

Release 20080305:

  • Fix problem where signal strength could be incorrectly reported when cable is removed.
  • Fix DHCP compatibility issue with some routers.

Release 20080212:

  • Add UPnP discovery support (Vista network view).
  • Add LLTD support (Vista network topology view).
  • Add local webpage with links to driver download and instructions.
  • Add TotalMedia support.
  • Update DHCP client to work with OS-X DHCP server.
  • Demodulator update for 1013xxxx and later hardware.

Release 20080104:

  • Flash Ethernet LED while attempting to get DHCP address.
  • Demodulator update for 1013xxxx and later hardware.

Release 20071209:

  • CD production release.