Premium digital cable TV

HDHomeRun PRIME supports CableCARD™ conditional access, providing access to the premium cable channels from your PC. Insert an M-Card cablecard from your cable provider and you’ll be able to watch and record all the digital cable channels you subscribe to, including HD and premium channels in 100% digital quality. Do away with that $16-22 per month set-top box rental.


Watch live TV on DLNA-compatible devices, including: Smart TVs, Tablets (iPads & Android) Smart Phones (iPhones & Andriod), Game Consoles, and Blu-ray Players / Media Players.

Live TV across your network

HDHomeRun PRIME is a digital cable TV tuner that lets you watch live TV all across your home network, from your PC, to your tablet, to game consoles and smart TVs.


HDHomeRun VIEW app

Live TV can be viewed with our own HDHomeRun View app (which is supported on Windows / Mac / Linux PC or Android devices such as phones, tablets, Kindle Fire, FireTV Box and Android TV)


Kodi/XBMC Add-On support

View live TV on any of our supported client devices using our Kodi/XBMC Add-On. Instructions here.

Sony Playstation 3/4

With HDHomeRun PRIME’s DLNA support, you can watch live TV, including premium content, right on your Sony PlayStation 3/4, no PC needed.

Xbox 360

Don’t have a PC next to your TV? No problem. Use an Xbox360 or other Media Center Extender and you’ll have access to live TV and all the recorded TV on your main PC.

Windows Media Center

HDHomeRun Prime works with Windows 7 Windows Media Center, providing the full DVR experience. Watch/Pause/Record live TV, schedule simultaneous recordings by name, set up season passes, and watch any time.

DVR applications

HDHomeRun PRIME supports streaming access-controlled copy-freely channels to other DVR applications including MythTV. These are channels that you subscribe to, are encrypted on the cable system (access-controlled), and do not impose restriction on use inside the home (copy-freely).

Third-Party App Compatibility

The InstaTV Pro for Android and InstaTV Pro for iOS support direct streaming from HDHomeRun devices on Android and iOS devices. More information is available on the InstaTV website for android and iOS. InstaTV Pro for Android is available on Google Play and is available for iOS on the iTunes App Store.

The HomeRunTV app supports direct streaming from HDHomeRun devices on Android devices. HomeRunTV is available on Google Play.

The Tune N’ View app for Google TV supports direct streaming from HDHomeRun devices on compatible Google TV devices. Tune N’ View is available on Google Play.

The HDHRFling app uses your Windows PC to convert video from the HDHomeRun into a format suitable for streaming to your Roku device on your local network or to Android and iOS devices home or away. For more information see the HDHRFling website.

Channels app supports tvOS for 4th generation Apple TV. Download from the App Store on your Apple TV. For more info go to http://getchannels.com/.

Portable device apps are not provided by nor supported by Silicondust. Access is limited to non-copy-protected channels.