Have you thought about making the most of your cable TV service and reducing your costs at the same time.

Receive Premium cable TV, including protected content, allowing you to send glorious high definition content to anywhere in your home over your existing home WiFi or a wired connection, from your home router, and save costs by cutting the number of boxes you rent from your cable company. With 3 tuners you can watch and record up to 3 shows simultaneously, on multiple smart devices, across your home network giving you the flexibility you need.

You can watch LIVE TV through our HDHomeRun app and you can record, pause, rewind and schedule your favorite shows using the HDHomeRun DVR service*.

You can also watch and record Live TV with our Kodi/XBMC Add-On or you can record, pause, rewind and schedule programs using popular compatible third party DVR software.

*Requires Guide Subscription

For cord shavers. No need to rent set top boxes for every room

Watch live HDTV on up to 3 devices simultaneously on your Wired network

Works with our HDHomeRun DVR service so you can watch, pause and record

Access premium cable subscription channels using CableCARD™

HDHomeRun streams to DLNA compatible devices on your network

Expand the number of tuners with multiple HDHomeRun devices (Digital cable TV required)


Regional Specifications:

  • 3 tuners
  • QAM64/256 (digital cable TV)
  • Works with our HDHomeRun DVR service
  • 100/1000Mb/s high-speed network
  • 1 year warranty

Computer hardware requirements:

  • Dual core CPU
  • 2GB RAM
  • 6-8 GB disk space per hour of HDTV recording (when recording to PC Hard Drive)
  • Non-PC devices must support TS format and MPEG2 video
  • Will stream HD via WiFi on your 802.11ac router or SD on your 802.11n compatible router.

NAS hardware requirements (for use with HDHomeRun DVR):

  • x86 or ARM based CPU.
  • 256MB RAM minimum.
  • Must be running Linux.
  • Must support SSH access.

Supported on many devices and platforms:

Our app for watching, scheduling and recording Live TV

What you need:

  • Subscription to digital cable service
  • CableCARD rented from cable provider
  • Internet connection (for program guide data)
  • For Wireless use through your home router, minimum 802.11ac for HD, 802.11n for SD
  • Computer, DLNA compatible smart TV, Android media player, Apple TV 4 or game console for playback on TV

Note: HDHomeRun Prime is not compatible with satellite TV

What’s in the box

  • HDHomeRun PRIME device
  • Cat5e cable
  • Power adapter
  • Quick start guide

*CableCARD™ is a trademark of Cable Television Laboratories, Inc.

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