Our Company

Silicondust is the innovator of the HDHomeRun® line of network connected TV tuners. We offer global solutions to Live TV streaming in homes, businesses, hotels, education facilities, or anywhere Live Linear TV will be streaming to multiple viewing devices within a connected network.

Silicondust is based in Pleasanton California and began shipping HDHomeRun branded products in 2007 in the US consumer market. Since inception, Silicondust has been introducing Network Attached TV Tuners to the consumer retail and commercial application markets on a global scale.

SD office

HDHomeRun Products

We have HDHomeRun hardware and software products which support several types of global TV signals including:

• HDHomeRun VIEW  (for live TV)
• HDHomeRun DVR  (for recording and playback of live TV)
• ATSC (North American Over the Air antenna)
• DVB-T/DVB-T2 (FreeView and Over the Air Antenna for UK / EU / Parts of Asia)
• USA CableTV (QAM) with protected content support using CableCARD™ for access control
• DVB-C (Unencrypted Cable TV for Europe and parts of Asia)

HDHomeRun products are the central device delivering Live TV to multiple viewing locations throughout your home or facility. We stream to and through devices such as:

• AppleTV 4
• Android Based Media Boxes and TVs
• Smart Phones and Tablets
• Smart TVs and BluRay players with DLNA support
• Game Consoles
• PCs and Laptops using HDHomeRun VIEW for Windows 7, 8, 10 / Mac OSx
• Popular 3rd party PC DVR software
• Media Centre software players

Silicondust has offices in California, United States; Windsor, United Kingdom; Taichung, Taiwan; Melbourne, Australia; and Auckland, New Zealand.

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Executive Team

Nick Kesley

Founder and CTO. Experienced software and embedded systems engineer. Created multiple products from conception to customer homes. “I create IP from a vision to fill a void or to make life easier, and then seeing that IP used in various OEM products as well as our own brands. What can we help you create?”

Theodore Head

President and CEO. 25+ years of management, marketing, operations, and contract manufacturing experience. Takes local products or ideas and expands them across appropriate markets globally. “I have a passion for introducing and growing innovative products on a global scale and supporting the needs of both consumer and commercial customers.”