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(With HDHomeRun PLUS - HDHomeRun PRIME - HDHomeRun 4DC - HDHomeRun DUAL - Gen4)

Silicondust is the innovator of the HDHomeRun line of network connected TV tuners. We would like to introduce the HDHomeRun PRIME, a CableLabs Certified OCUR Device and a DLNA Certified Live TV DMS. Subscribers can "Watch TV on any screen on their network". HDHomeRun PRIME is an access control device using CableCARD™ technology supporting PlayReady, WMDRM, and DTCP-IP protected streaming.

Watching Premium TV has never been easier. Stream live TV to SmartTV's, Blu-ray players, Media Players, PCs,
All in ones, Ultrabooks, Android devices, Games consoles (PS3 & XBOX). Silicondust is continually launching user friendly Device Apps, including our New Samsung Smart Hub App, upcoming Android App with DTCP-IP support, and soon to be released PS3 App. Our Device Apps allow for one click access to live TV on devices. It will be as easy as one click and you are ready to watch programming including DTCP-IP protected content to certified devices.

Cable Providers are seeing the HDHomeRun PRIME is a low cost Video Gateway CPE solution for subscribers to
view content over their network.

Silicondust is continually innovating and improving the HDHomeRun product line and user interface applications.
Stay tuned to what is coming soon from Silicondust with Hardware Transcode streaming in H.264 AVC format for
better WiFi and lightweight devices.

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The HDHomeRun will connect to an indoor or outdoor antenna or to any US cable system to receive digital and HD channels.

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