The All in One Concept

Recently we announced the official release of Premium TV, a service designed to supplement your existing Over the Air TV package with some of your favorite cable channels. I wanted to spend a few minutes today talking about what that means, and why we consider it such an important service. It all comes down to what is yours and what isn’t.

If you’ve ever heard a cord cutter talk about why she cuts the cord, the answer almost always comes down to two critical elements. First, the cord cutter is trying to save money. And second, the cord cutter is tired of giving up control.

A Bit of History

This Orangutan is giving me heavy 80s flashbacks!
With cable, you can’t take it with you.
Thirty years ago, you could record pretty much everything on TV, whether it was on cable or Over the Air with a VCR. And from that point forward, you “owned” that content. I can vividly remember my dad hovering over the remote control, ready to hit pause the moment a commercial was about to come on, so he could have near perfect recordings of his favorite movies. I’m fairly certain he’s still got cassette recordings of Raiders of the Lost Ark, the Dirty Dozen, and Every Which Way But Loose sitting around somewhere.

Since that time, we’ve been slowly giving up the ability to have perfect control for the sake of quality and convenience. Now, everything airs in HD, but with cable, you can’t take it with you. It’s locked to the DVR box you are given. And you can’t carefully edit out the commercials. Sometimes, you can’t even fast forward through them.

Taking Back Control

With HDHomeRun devices, we’ve been able to give that power back to cord cutters for network TV. You can do literally any legal thing you want with this week’s episode of NCIS. Edit out those commercials. Remix the episode for personal use. If it’s legal, it’s your right to do it.

We try very hard to do the same for cord shavers with the HDHomeRun Prime, but limits are placed on us by the over-use of DRM by some providers.

Which brings us to Premium TV. With Premium TV, cord cutters are able to do the same thing with many of the most popular cable channels that my dad could do in 1986. Did your favorite team win a championship on ESPN? You can now preserve it forever. USA, SYFY, FX, and TNT all play movies constantly. Just check out a few of the upcoming movies for the next few days! It’s ridiculous!

Those of you who have been on this ride with us know there have been hiccups along the way. There will always be a need to improve quality and add solid content. But we are excited about where we are today with the options our users have. And we are excited where we might go in the future. We hope you’ll join on this crazy ride!

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