Ensure that you have the latest drivers for your video card installed. Video card drivers can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website:

Software Installation

  1. Download and install the latest HDHomeRun software from downloads.
  2. Open HDHomeRun Setup
  3. On the Location tab, set the Country and Zip/Postal Code
  4. On the Applications tab, set the Main Application to SageTV
  5. On the Tuners tab, set the Signal Source to Digital Antenna or Digital Cable for each tuner as appropriate for the source. Set any unused tuners to Disabled.
  6. On the Cable Channels or Antenna Channels tab, click Scan to run a channel scan
  7. If you are using an Antenna, skip the following and proceed to SageTV
  8. Digital cable providers may not include the channel names in the broadcast; incorrect or missing names will result in missing guide listings. HDHomeRun Setup will attempt to use Silicondust’s lineup server to identify channel names. These names are submitted by HDHomeRun users in your area, so while they are generally a good starting point, some adjustments may be needed. Click the Zap2it Website button to launch a web browser and go to the zap2it website, then select your cable provider.
  9. Click the View button to view the channel. Identify the channel based on the programming currently being show, logos on screen, etc..
  10. In HDHomeRun Setup, change the Guide Number and Guide Name fields to exactly match the channel number and callsign of the channel from the Zap2it website. Zap2it may have two versions for some channels – one analog/standard definition (e.g. “2 KTVU”) and one digital/high definition (“702 KTVUDT”); make sure you use the correct one.
  11. Check the Enabled box to enable the channel
  12. Repeat steps 9-11 for each channels detected
  13. Click Apply to store your changes


Directions for configuring SageTV to work with the HDHomeRun are maintained in the SageTV forums. Please follow the directions there to configure your software.


If you get a video playback error then check you video codec settings. From the main menu:

  1. Click Setup
  2. Click Detailed Setup
  3. Click Audio/Video
  4. Try both Overlay and VMR9

Music channels may not be displayed immediately by SageTV. Try waiting 10 seconds for the channel to appear.