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HDHomeRun TECH3 (Enterprise/Commercial)

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TECH3-6CC-3X2 – $1999.99

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TECH3-8US-2X4 – $1999.99

TECH3-8EU-2X4 – $ “Call”

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Site-wide multicast streaming

• Allow unlimited simultaneous computers to access digital TV by streaming multicast RTP digital video from antenna or unencrypted cable.
• Windows viewing using Windows Media Player or HDHomeRun QuickTV, multi-platform viewing using VLC.

Digital broadcast diagnostics/troubleshooting

• The HDHomeRun TECH provides RF diagnostics including signal strength, SNR, and constellation plots.
• For stream diagnostics use the HDHomeRun TECH with TSReader for breakdown of bitrates, programs, and tables.

Head-end monitoring

• The HDHomeRun TECH can be command-line scripted for use with always-on monitoring applications.
• Command line utility compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Solaris.

Customized commercial applications

• The HDHomeRun TECH can be controlled by C library code for a wide range of customized applications.
• For OEM integration information please contact sales@silicondust.com

TECH product support

• To get more support or downloads for our HDRACK & TECH3 products, Click on the link TECH3 Products Support

* IPTV and satellite providers use proprietary systems that are not compatible with ATSC/QAM tuners.