WMC recording reported as failed but records ok

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WMC recording reported as failed but records ok

Postby nickk » Fri Aug 26, 2011 12:04 am

Check the HDHomeRun Prime log history - check for double entries relating to the channel request similar to the following:
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CableCARD: vchannel 37 (585MHz-7) access = not-subscribed
CableCARD: vchannel 37 (585MHz-7) access = subscribed

When the card has not been not activated (paired), the card may return not-subscribed for premium channels. This is to trigger the activation message to be displayed. [first log entry = not subscribed]

If the channel is not copy-protected the card may send an authorization update message to authorize the channel anyway. [second log entry = subscribed]

The first not-subscribed message from the card causes WMC to report that the recording has failed. The second "subscribed" message allows WMC to go on to record successfully despite the error message.


Check the HDHomeRun Prime Status webpage - if the page reports "activation none" then call your cable company and ask them to activate the CableCARD.
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